Frequently Asked Questions


Here you will find answers to FAQ. We want to offer  you as much valuable information as possible to best meet your needs.

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How does your pricing work?

We offer monthly pricing for our services, weather permitting.

Can I request my lawn be cut on a certain day of the week?

We do our best to accommodate requests. To keep our prices as low as possible, we mow in certain areas on certain days of the week.  Thank you for understanding!

What if it rains on the day scheduled for service?

If we are unable to mow because of the weather, the schedule will be pushed back as many days that are needed until we can safely mow your lawn.

what if it rains for three whole days in a week?

If we are unable to mow for an extended period of time, we may need to skip the lawn mowing for that week. Our equipment can handle cutting longer grass if needed. You will not be charged anything additional for the extra work to get your lawn back in shape.

What if it has not rained and the grass is not growing as fast?

We will skip your lawn mowing if it is not needed on any given week due to lack of growth.

Why does my lawn look better in some areas than others?

All lawns have their own personalities. You may be dealing with different soil types, shade versus full sun, or different grass types. Shade versus full sun and soil types usually play the biggest role in dry conditions and lawn health. Different grass types can also show up during dry weather, as well as insects and disease, since some grass types have more of a natural resistance to lawn pests.

can I request a lower mowing height?

We cut our lawns at an average of 3″. This is the ideal height for grass to be cut in our area to keep it healthy and looking good!


what is included in the price per cut?

Lawn mowing, trimming, and blowing off paved areas.

what is included in the price for a mulch project?

The price is calculated to include labor per man hour, debris removal, plus materials.

what is included in the price for shrub trimming or seasonal clean up?

The price includes trimming and shaping of the shrubs, plus clean up, and debris removal.

is it important to clean up my leaves in the fall?

Most certainly! If not raked up in time, a thick and/or matted layer of fallen leaves forms a barrier that blocks water, nutrients, and a healthy air flow from getting down to the root system of your grass. If the leaves are really matted down, they can even keep new grass blades from emerging next spring. A thick layer of un-shredded leaves can invite pests and diseases and can cause serious problems to your lawn.

what is included in the price for Core Aeration and seeding?

The price includes seed and top dressing (top soil, straw, etc.) plus labor per man hour.

What are the benefits of core aeration?

Core aeration reduces compaction and allows for better air, moisture, and nutrient flow. When removing the soil core, grass roots can then spread out. The healthier the root is, the healthier the plant.


what if I am going to be out of town; when is payment due?

Please make your payment before leaving town. Service will be paused until payment is received.

How much will it cost for your company to mow my lawn?

We are happy to provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.

do you offer any other lawn or landscape services?

Please see our services page for a full listing of the other options we offer.